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About Us

About Us

bitSync is a small, privately held company incorporated in the State of Maryland, USA.  The business was founded in 2000 to meet a need for greater creativity, open mindedness and responsiveness to customer needs in technology intensive market areas.

We design, develop and integrate existing and emerging technologies in IT, signals processing and associated business models using creative engineering approaches and the application of proven industry standards and practices.

Our main business tenet is that our people are our greatest resource and that our performance represents and defines our company fully.  Another is the conviction that steadfast integrity and reliability in our business dealings is critical to our success.

We are open minded in our approach to engineering solutions and we are open minded about our market.  Current technology markets include signals processing, enterprise web portals, software development, network engineering, database development and management, system architecting, business process modeling, systems engineering, systems deployment and integration, telecommunications technology and other Internet technologies in both Government and private industry.  We are always looking for new business areas and new applications of our technology and expertise. 

bitSync is the wise choice for a technology firm that will be responsive to your needs, that will be accountable for its actions and deliverables, and upon which you can depend for routinely superior performance.

bitSync is a Vietnam Era Veteran owned small business.

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